The Learning Framework and activity toolkit from the BANG! European project

Bridging All
Next Generations

Our Mission

Empower educators and learners by providing creative material and tools focused on developing their creativity, co-creation and wellbeing.


Cultivating a creative mindset is important in today’s rapidly changing world.

By offering innovative resources and guidance, we aim to provide you with tools and activities that will help to inspire your students to think outside the box, explore new ideas and develop their unique creative abilities.


Creativity doesn’t exist in isolation.

A lot of our activities are focused on co-creation, the power of collaboration and teamwork. Through our materials and activities, we encourage you to work together with your students and help them to work better with each other to exchange ideas, and co-create solutions that have a positive impact on them individually, their class, and potentially also their local society.


True success goes beyond academic achievements.

Our resources are designed to help your students develop practices that promote their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, ensuring a balanced and positive learning experience.

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